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Comunicado de prensa

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Press Release

Jun 01, 2011

Together for the welfare of animals in Costa Rica

Our association wishes to advise that our annual event Telemaraton Canina 2011 at the Convencion Center, Hotel Ramada Herradura next december 14 will benefit this non profits organizations :

An they are independent non-profit associations that privately through donations has improved the outlook for animals abused and neglected, in addition to educating communities that proactively assists.

Asociacion Liberiana Protectora de Animales, Spay and Neuter program in Guanacaste

CostaricaGUAU Educationals programs against puppy mills

Rescate Animal, Strengthen the Rehabilitation Center

Search and Rescue unit of the Costa Rica Red Cross, Donation of a vehicle

Open the second Rehabilitation Center for Terrritorio de Zaguates

Strengthen the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle  Program

The monetary goal this 2011 is $45,000 dollars

In promoting the role of helping them to develop partnerships to solve and prevent future needs in the community and not where the problem is out of control.

As pioneers in this kind of events we ask the private enterprise, government, media, communities and the general public to participate in this project.

Contact information:

Thank you very much

Board of TelemaratonCanina

Aksel is the symbol of this 2011 Telemaraton Canina, he works for the Costa Rica Red Cross as a volunteer with K – Sar Unit. In this picture Axel ( Labrador breed) is with Frankie (Honorary member of the Unit ) and Sisou (Beagle breed) famous doggy model.

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  1. Un cachorro de una raza pura de tendencia vale dinero.
    Y es bien difícil hallar gratis lo que se está

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